Joey's SMB3 Memory

I first played Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES when I was five years old.
I never actually owned a copy of the game until I was about thirteen.
As I child I rented the game constantly from the video store, I loved to play it
as much as I could. It would have been cheaper to just buy the game

I had 3 NES Games back then, SMB, Tetris, and Pictionary.
My best friend lived across the street, he had a NES with SMB3, but not SMB.
So we would trade all the time, which I loved to do since I thought SMB3 was the greatest game ever made. I always wondered why he would want to trade for SMB, but I guess he just got bored with SMB3. (Here I am over two decades later still playing the game.)

I would play SMB3 for hours, it used to be so hard for me. I remember replaying it over and over, trying to beat the game. Then I finally made Bowser fall through the bricks, I was so happy.

Anyway, my family got a SNES and Super Mario All-Stars, which was amazing.
I could finally play SMB3 all I wanted, with updated graphics and sound, and even be able to save my game. Since then I've played SMB3 on the SNES all the time. Every level is
burned into my head.

When I was around thirteen I got back into the NES, and started getting games for it. I remember going to a used Game Store downtown, and seeing that wonderful yellow SMB3 cart. I believe I paid twelve dollars for it, and took it home to relive my early childhood.

Also, this is kind of random, but my sister played a trick on me, pertaining to SMB3.
She said there is a pipe at the very top of the room you fight Bowser in, and if you get to it you'll end up in the secret world 9, with all new levels.
I remember trying to find that pipe for so long!

Written by: Joey Anderson
Date Written: April 3rd, 2007
(updated June 1st, 2015)